That Extra Push – GUEST POST

I do love the stories on this ‘Kindness Blog’ and having read it I felt it should be shared with you. What lovely kids to make such a difference! A lesson for all of us I think.

Kindness Blog

That Extra Push

by Madison Hill

Allow me to begin by saying that I love my mom dearly—she is everything to me.  She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and has been living with me as the disease has progressively taken her mind hostage.  Like many people that become caregivers unintentionally (I’ve never had a strong medical inclination to say the least), caring for my mom has tested limits I didn’t know that I had.  It can wear on a person in every imaginable way, and I often felt like I was failing my mother and myself.

That Extra Push by Madison Hill (Image Credit)

I often felt alone, and I was afraid that I was the first (and only) person to feel this way.  Much like when I have a new flu symptom I don’t recognize, or song lyrics I can’t quite remember, I took to the internet to see if a quick search could diagnose/solve…

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