More About Norman!

Norman at his 103rd birthday party!

Norman at his 103rd birthday party!

Norman was an extraordinary man. Born in 1909, he had memories of both world wars. Full of adventure, he travelled to Australia in the late 20’s with the aid of the Salvation Army, leaving his childhood sweetheart behind.  In his memoirs, written in his own words, he tells the story of his first love which survived half a century before blossoming. When he finally married May at the age of 70 years, he gained not only a special wife and companion, but also a whole new family, who kept in touch from all over the world.

Norman shares his thoughts on religion and war but above all on man’s progress through the last century. He worked in the record industry and loved music, but saw the age of television as a backward step affecting both family and community life.

Norman describes what his home in Ditton Hill, Surbiton, London was like when his family moved there in 1911, the same house he lived in by himself at 103 years old over 100 years later!

What was most remarkable about Norman, apart from his sharp memory for dates and details, was how he lived his last years to the full, becoming a silver surfer at 102 years! His determination to remain fit in mind, body and spirit is an inspiration to all of us.

‘The Life and Demise of Norman Campbell’ is now available on Amazon and 25% of profits will go to his chosen charities of Age Concern and Cancer Research UK.

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