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    Off the top of your head how many quotations can you think about ‘Life‘? “Live Life to the full” “Life is what you make it” “Life is too short” “Life is full of possibilities” and one I love … Continue reading

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Embracing a Good Old Fashioned Make Do and Mend Culture

Early on in our new life in Fife we noticed a subtle difference in the way of life here. We needed our garage door fixing and the man came to tell us the bad news that the fixings were obsolete. … Continue reading

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Live life with no regrets! A post compiled by Tonysonblogger

Everyone wants one more day to say the things they never got to, yet they never take advantage of the day they do have to say the things they need to! Live life with no regrets! via Live Life With … Continue reading

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There are no wrong turnings

via No Wrong Turnings — Ramblings of the Claury “The past does not have to be your prison. You have a voice in your destiny. You have a say in your life. You have a choice in the path you … Continue reading

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A modern day pilgrimage to Holy Island

Another special place of pilgrimage ~ The Holy Land


Driving to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne has long been top of my travel bucket-list. Pilgrims have been making the trip for centuries because of its religious significance, but I was more interested in the island’s scenic castle, booze and causeway. My trip did not disappoint – read on to find out why it should be on your bucket-list too.

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Destroyed — Gotta Find a Home

23 November 2016 “Good morning, Bernard, are you enjoying your new winter boots?” “Yeah, the boots are fine, but I had some bad luck yesterday. Remember I told you that I was sleeping under a bridge and I had stored … Continue reading

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Bring me sunshine, bring me laughter, bring me love

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November the first up here in Fife was one of those ‘feel good’ days. Hubby and I had been inside quite a lot of the previous week in a pop up charity shop so on our first free day I … Continue reading

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