Quiet Time and the Joys of You Tube to Start the Day

In my morning quiet time, one of the positive things to come out in my life during lock down when I’ve had time to reflect, pray and listen, I’ve found the greatest joy to focus my mind has been to turn to You Tube.

Renditions of tried and trusted hymns, which I remember from childhood, school and church, make me realise how lucky I was to live through such an era. 


~ a rousing rendition of this well known hymn for The Commonwealth service. 

It is one of the all time greats, isn’t it? However, in watching closely and listening to the words, however familiar to me, I realise that they don’t seem to hit a chord with some of the congregation, especially the children. The language is quite difficult to understand in todays world.

Last week I stumbled upon another traditional favourite


but this time it is presented in a more approachable context with an additional verse. 

I found both hymns moving. Both stirred in me a sense of praise and thanksgiving ~ both brought tears to my eyes; but I realised that, if it is to appeal to today’s world, the church may have to think carefully. 

The folks who argue that the ‘new’ church songs and choruses are shallow and repetitive are what? Afraid of change? Clinging on to the past?  Reminiscing? I don’t really know.

It makes me think of my Dad who always said that he didn’t enjoy church once ‘they mucked it up and got rid of ‘The Book of Common Prayer.’ My argument that maybe we should worship in Latin passed him by!

I was also fortunate to live through an era of revival in 1980’s and have more modern songs clear in my memory. What do you think of this a Celtic rendition of:


and Steph McCleod’s version of:


How wonderful! They both fill me with such joy to start the day.

What do you think of traditional Hymns and the more modern songs?

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