“Clicking ‘add friend’ is one thing …”

I’ve just read an article in Wednesdays ‘i’ paper by Siobhan Smith entitled:

“Clicking ‘add friend’ is one thing, actually becoming new pals is quite another.”

I agree in part, but disagree with one of her comments that

“most of us have the uncomfortable realisation that we no longer have anything in common with our childhood friends.”

I’m one of those who makes friends for keeps and there are childhood friends, college friends and more recent pals from Bedfordshire who I know will remain a part of my life for all of my life. I’m one of those people who likes keep in touch.

A month or so ago I enjoyed an extra special reunion of a group of college friends including one lady I went to school with too. Back in the 80’s we had this unique experience of nine of us sharing some very unusual digs for our second year at college. We stayed with Mr and


Mangreen Hall, Norfolk

Mrs D at Mangreen Hall in Norfolk, a three mile cycle ride from Keswick Hall, our teaching college and about five miles from the centre of Norwich. It was a rambling country house out in the sticks and our rooms were up in the eves. We all remember the fateful occasion when we were snowed in for the weekend. Undeterred we wrapped up in bin liners, multi layers of coats, gloves and hats and even newspaper and set off down the A140. You should have seen the the look on the faces of the policemen at the road block as five ‘yetties’ appeared through the driving snow, determined to go away for the weekend!

Eight out of the nine of us have kept in touch and meet every couple of years but in


We haven’t changed a bit?

September 2016 this year we actually stayed over for two nights in Mangreen Hall, which has recently been turned into a B n B, to mark 40 years since we first met. We giggled, we laughed, we reminisced, we ate cake and drank Prosecco and we talked. Oh, did we talk. To make it even more precious as a memory, I slept in exactly the same spot as I did as a college student all those years ago. This was remarkable enough, but we also went to see Mrs D. She is in her 90’s but nevertheless was delighted to see us all and to catch up with our news.

Facebook ensures that we still know what is going on in each other’s lives over the years. Have we changed? Yes of course we have, but we are as close mentally as we were forty years ago, mainly due to such a plethora of wonderful memories. Thanks girls for still being in my life, even though we live so far apart, from Norwich to Nottingham and Swindon and from the New Forest in Hampshire right up to here in Fife.

The internet is a remarkable thing!



About Diana Jackson

Author of 'The Healing Paths of Fife', Historical Romantic fiction ~ The Riduna Series set in 19th and early 20th Century a murder mystery ~ 'Murder, Now and Then' and two memoir. What links my books ~ history! Website:www.dianamaryjackson.co.uk Blog:www.dianamj.wordpress.com Riduna on Twitter and on Facebook too!
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2 Responses to “Clicking ‘add friend’ is one thing …”

  1. The internet is indeed a remarkable thing Diana, and it certainly helps us to stay in contact with old friends, and of course to make new ones 🙂
    Your post is wonderful, I think it’s fantastic that 8 out of the nine of you have stayed in contact with each other, and going back to stay in Mangreen Hall after all these years must have been fantastic!!! It looks and sounds like you all had an amazing time of it 🙂

  2. It certainly was special Andy 🙂

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