The Black Rock Race ~Participating through good cheer!

DSCN3201[1]One of the many highlights of the Kinghorn Year is The Black Rock Race which, I’m told, is one of the ten ‘must do’ running races. It involves over 1000 people sprinting up and down the steep slopes of Kinghorn before heading down to Pettycur Beach and following the 1000 ant like participants across the vast sandy bay to Black Rock, around it, more than likely with your feet wet by this time, and then back again. The final sprint (or crawl) is up to The Ship Inn,  a 1 in 4 incline I believe.

Our task was to stand on the sidelines and cheer and encourage, from the ultra fast professionals who DSCN3204[1]showed off by warming up doing a preliminary run up and down Petticur Road twice, to the brave staggerers at the end. Many were running for the joy of the race, some to achieve a personal goal, but a good number were raising money for a multitude of worthy causes.

We joined the crowd who cheered and clapped, especially those we now know from the village but in admiration of the effort made by all. I am sure that all finished with an exhilarated sense of achievement. Well done folks!


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