Pilgrims and Allegories Book Review ~ THE PILGRIMAGE by PAULO COELHO

Alongside my personal journeys and pilgrimages I am going to share some books which have had a positive effect on my life.


BACKGROUND We were leaving Fife after our stay for about a year and we headed north to Ullapool. Taking a day trip to Lochinver, where the lunches at Lochinver Larder are superb by the way as are their home-made pies, we wound our way across the single track road closer to the coast. At the most unlikely spot we found a wee bookshop and cafe where I bought this book ~ ‘The Pilgrimage.’ I was feeling a bit of a fraud because it is Paulo Coelho’s journey to Santiago de Compostela, an ancient route taken by millions over the centuries in search of ancient wisdom,  a fantasy tale with deep truths to reveal at every turn of the page.

Reading this book was all the more personal for me since my life over the past year had taken on the quality of its own pilgrimage, especially as we took another well trodden walk, The Fife Coastal Path, once a way for pilgrims to St Andrews.

REVIEW It is a wonderful book, a kin to ‘From Hinds Feet to High Places’ but all the more poignant because the places described were real and there was a sense of travellers treading in those very footprints through the ages. It may inspire you to walk long the route, or part of it, beautifully described. Whilst reading I felt as if I was walking at Paulo’s side. For anyone searching for meaning in life, this truly is a masterpiece!

Diana Jackson is the author of  (soon to be released) ‘From Redundancy to Rejuvenation ~ A Writer’s Fantasy Walk Along The Fife Coastal Path’ ~ her own pilgrimage and voyage to her soul.


About Diana Jackson

Author of 'The Healing Paths of Fife', Historical Romantic fiction ~ The Riduna Series set in 19th and early 20th Century a murder mystery ~ 'Murder, Now and Then' and two memoir. What links my books ~ history! Website:www.dianamaryjackson.co.uk Blog:www.dianamj.wordpress.com Riduna on Twitter and on Facebook too!
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3 Responses to Pilgrims and Allegories Book Review ~ THE PILGRIMAGE by PAULO COELHO

  1. Loved the Alchemist, will have to check this out!

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