A Reflection on ‘A Selection of Recollections’

DSCN0457I began this blog initially to share stories of my friend Norman who died at 103 year, saw two world wars in his life time, travelled to Australia in a Salvation Army Ship in the late 1920’s, married his childhood sweetheart at the age of 70 years and became a silver surfer at 102!

(I had an email from a lady who borrowed Norman’s book from her library – it was a pleasure to hear from her)

I asked for guest blogs too – true stories which were moving in some way and reflected on life’s mysteries. I’ve ‘met’ such interesting people in the course of these years blogging.

Next I began to tell my own struggles and joys of the past two years – redundancy, having a wonderful writer’s retreat in Fife for nine months, coping with a husband who had just retired, sharing trips to fulfill his life’s dreams to New York and The Space Station…

For the last month I have been silent.

We took a camping trip to Cornwall and once back I was full of promotional activities for my Murder Mystery (promoted on my other blog ‘Murder in the Library’ at The Swan Hotel Bedford ) and underlying possible major change in our lives which I cannot share as yet.

Then I read Chris Martin’s post, ‘When the clicks stop and the exhilaration fades …

I have faith but I cannot express it as succinctly at Martin. It is part of my very being but not in a traditional church sense. The only places I’ve felt truly at peace spiritually are on the island of Iona or in informal quiet, contemplative worship and maybe early morning communion. (the latter may be more to do with memories and a beautiful feeling of familiarity a service like that evokes)

Like Chris I would like guidance as to whether to continue this blog or not and what it should contain. I do believe though, that it will take its natural course and come to life again in a few week’s time. Meanwhile, forgive me if I go silent for a while. I’m reflecting – meditating on the here and now rather than projecting into the future – thoughts impossible to share until they are formalised more clearly in my consciousness.

About Diana Jackson

Author of 'Mystery Inspired by History' series,' 'Inspirational and Motivational' series and 'The Riduna' series, historical romantic fiction set in 19th and early 20th Century. Member of SOA. Websites: www.dianajacksonauthor.co.uk www.dianajacksonauthor.com and my original: www.dianamaryjackson.co.uk Blog:www.dianamj.wordpress.com Riduna on Twitter and DianaJacksonauthor on Facebook too!
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