How To Get Rid of the Hiccups

I’d just like to reblog this because it made me happy. Hope it does to you too 🙂

The Nice Thing About Strangers

She has the hiccups. Her husband wears a golf cap. They are extremely slow in shuffling to their Buick. The snow has turned to patches of slush, some just puddles and some quite slick. He takes her arm and they speak very quietly, but her hiccups are loud, involuntary, and they ricochet off the surrounding buildings. She mutters in her embarrassment.

They reach the passenger door and he tells her something as she lowers herself into the car. She giggles at his words, her face breaking into a gaze of love. He smiles as he closes the door, pleased that he can still make her laugh. He adjusts the cap on his head while moving carefully to the driver’s side. He opens his door and she greets him with a loud HIC!

He’s laughing so hard that he can’t get behind the wheel, and she’s volleying the laughter right back…

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