A day my elderly friend Fred would have called a Godincidence!

It has been such a special few days seeing dear friends but last Monday, when we had a lovely afternoon with my husband’s newly discovered relations, I thought things could not get any better, but they did! On Friday we had a visitor called Bruce Campbell. He was born in South Africa but lives

Norman's Grandfather

Norman’s Grandfather

in Denmark at the moment. He has been doing some family history research over the last few years and stumbled on Norman’s memoir. On reading the first few pages on Amazon he couldn’t believe it when he found photos of his great grandparents.

Ellen Eliza Spencer Norman

Norman’s Grandmother

Eventually Bruce found a contact email for me and after several messages we arranged for him to visit last Friday. Since Norman died I have kept the old photos of his family just in case I needed them for publicity, especially since we were aware of no living relatives on the Campbell side at that time. After tea and a chat with my parents about Norman we looked at the photos and among them Bruce found photos of his family out in South Africa, sent to Norman’s family between WW1 and WW2. One was written on the back and posted in Durban! Unfortunately I could not find the original of Norman’s father with his uncle, Bruce’s father, but I had a copy on my PC and so I made up a disc of all of Norman’s early photos for Bruce to take away with him. Here is the photo:

Norman's Dad and Uncle

Norman’s Dad and Uncle

Most of Norman’s father’s family worked on the railway but in the early part of the twentieth century Bruce’s father moved to South Africa to work on the railways there. He returned to the UK for WW1 and served laying tracks on the Western Front. This wonderful photo must have been taken of the brothers when he was on leave! It is so sad that Norman passed away before Bruce knew of his existence. They would have so enjoyed OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhaving hours together, just sharing all they knew. It was a pleasure to meet Bruce and I was able to hand over to him all the original photos of his family in the knowledge that they will be truly treasured.


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4 Responses to A day my elderly friend Fred would have called a Godincidence!

  1. sonniq says:

    On my mother’s father’s side there has been a tremendous amount of genealogy done. Every year there is a family reunion in New England. This past year was our 50th. I was even at the first one. At dinner I sat next to my 9th cousin. We were all related going back to 2 brothers. This was just the American side. The family was traced back through England mostly, and Scotland and Wales, also coming down from the 2nd earl of Warrick and Penelope Devereaux. I have a photograph of a family reunion all sitting on the side of a hill in 1875. Tracing family has always been a love of mine. To see where you come from and imagine their lives, wondering what they’d think of me! I think I would have shocked them quite a bit.

    • That must be such a precious time each year. There is something very special about a blood line connection. It features highly in my novels as well as in Norman’s memoir. Happy to be in touch

      • sonniq says:

        I have a lot of old photos. i try to find myself in them and try to imagine what life was for them. I have some baby pictures of my great grandmother that I have stared at for hours because she was so beautiful. I should do a post and show some of them.

  2. You certainly should Sonniq. People are so interested in stories of family and social history. If you do then please let me know and I’ll reblog it. D

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