Surprise Visitors and a touch of Serendipity

Over the course of the next two weeks we are having some quite unexpected visitors and all of them have a story attached.

Last Sunday elderly relations  from Hitchin popped in for tea and cake and a catch up but until six months ago we did not know they existed. While we were away in Scotland a couple of people in our village began to research the names on our war memorial and just before we came back they put a display of their findings up in the church. Friends remarked on it and asked if we’d seen it.

Two of my husband’s great uncles died in the Great War and the information collected about them was substantial. Far more than we knew ourselves. We asked where the photos of medals etc had come from and we were put in touch with a lady called Mary who lived in Hitchin, a relation of my husband’s who lived in our village until she married sixty years ago. (Her maiden name was the same as ours) It is so heart-warming to discover relations, but especially a person who has such a wonderful memory of the people from the past. Mary reminded me of Norman in so many ways. It was a pleasure to listen and share.

The next visit will actually be from a relation of Norman Campbell’s, to whom this blog was first dedicated. He lives abroad and I have never met him before but his email explains that Norman’s grandparents are his great grandparents. We will be picking Bruce up from the station this Friday and my parents will also be joining us for tea and cake. I’ll let you know about the meeting next week.

Our third visitor who will be staying with us, weather permitting, is a dear friend I made whilst living in Fife. In fact she was the first person to welcome me to Kinghorn and I’m so excited to see her again.

Tomorrow we are visiting, weather permitting, friends living the next county who we have not seen for a couple of years. We first met teaching in High Wycombe in the 1980’s. Do you have people in your life who you see rarely, but when you meet you just pick up the thread of conversation as if it the last time you got together was yesterday?

Although these interludes take me away from my writing, they are so precious. After the turmoil of the last six months my muse has finally returned, which is such a relief, but it can wait. People are more important and times together should be treasured.


About Diana Jackson

Author of 'The Healing Paths of Fife', Historical Romantic fiction ~ The Riduna Series set in 19th and early 20th Century a murder mystery ~ 'Murder, Now and Then' and two memoir. What links my books ~ history! Riduna on Twitter and on Facebook too!
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