Lights in the Night ~ Blacker than Black Rock Race

Tonight (about six months ago)  there was an extraordinary sight at Pettycur Bay. Initially, as I drove down towards the harbour, I thought there might have been an accident, but no, a large group of people with torches looked as if they were ready for a run. It was pitch black out there! What on earth were they doing?

Disorientated after a flying visit back to Bedfordshire this week to see my parents – also to sweep up leaves ~ check the guttering (well I held the ladder) and see friends – last night I came back to Kinghorn. It was the worst journey so far – plane running late and train delayed so I woke up this morning feeling really strange with a tension headache. I always feel weird coming back…a huge yank on the emotional self..ties of family, home, friends.

Pettycur Bay

Pettycur Bay

I had a quiet day today and the Pettycur Bay magic calmed me to the core, so finally my headache dissipated, (Another 5* review for Ancasta on Amazon helped….I’m not reeeeally vain..I read the 3 & 4* reviews too to learn from them, honest) Then I went to visit a person who has become a dear friend in Kinghorn Harbour but was going away soon so I wanted to catch up with her.

Usually, when I drive back home here down to Pettycur, I pass no one, maybe one car so I was quite excited to come across this unusual gathering on the corner of the wee harbour. I rushed home to get the binoculars to confirm my guess just as runners started off across the sand towards Black Rocks a mile out in the bay, like little head lamps bobbing through the night. I watched mesmerised for a wee while and then checked on the internet. Here’s a post about the maddest run I’ve heard of. They call it The Blacker than Black Rock Race! I glanced up again. Wow… as they turn back, their white lights shining directly towards me, it’s as if they are running in formation, a moving star making patterns in the night. The first couple of runners are now on the path above the bay, chasing towards the finishing line. I resist the temptation to open the window and cheer. What a wonderful weird place I live in! The last couple of star lights are now heading for the shore….markers I expect to guide the way…it’s as if they’re homing in on me, unbeknown to them, welcoming me home to Pettycur and all my remaining angst vanished in the tranquil night.


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