Blowing in the Wind

It’s Christmas Eve 2013 here. (six months ago) Disruption has been worse down south but today gales are hitting Scotland with snow and wind warnings in Fife. The Forth bridge is closed to all but cars and a full closure is likely with gales up to 80mph.

Yesterday I took the train into Edinburgh, one of the cities busiest days of the year, I’m told. I joined my sister and niece for a girly shop and time for us to buy the vitals for our Christmas Day feast. We had a welcome blether over tea to catch up on all the gossip. Mind you I was relieved to be on the train heading safely back home, with all the weather and travel disruption.

Today it was a bleak morning, though Pettycur still holds a certain charm, from inside our flat anyway. Towards lunchtime the sun shone so I ventured up to the village…which should I choose?….the road with it’s exposed corners directly into the wind, or the cliff steps, relatively sheltered, that is until you reach the open top. I chose the latter and held on the the rail as I went, as a precaution for any side gusts.

I paused before the top and held the fence to steady myself, but, once walking, the wind was on my back and blowing me up the road!

On the way back down I chose the road.

‘It’s bitter down there’ a fellow walker nodded as he waited for me to pass. Afraid that my insignificant plastic carriers of shopping might pretend I was a paraglider or even worse a parasurfer I clung on tight, my back bent almost double into the wind.

Now, as I look out on to darkened skies I’m relieved to be home with all my bags in tact.

As to my writing…I’m having a holiday over the festive season but it is never far from my mind. Today brought to mind thoughts of the famous king in these parts, Alexander III, so enthusiastic was he to reach his new bride that he ignored advice and rode along the cliffs here, near where I was walking earlier today, and he and his horse fell off the cliff on a foggy, stormy night. Both horse and rider fell to their deaths~ a warning to me for being so foolhardy, and Scotland lost a great king!

I think I’ll just sit here in the warm and continue reading

‘Death of a King’ by Geoff Huijer, a local writer, to add to the atmosphere of the occasion, looking out towards the spot where the King fell. shiver!!!!

Is it snowing or just raining out there?



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