What on Earth do you do all day? ~ A Day in the life of a writer

I spend hours in solitude at Pettycur. It is such a calm environment and the sight of the sea soothes my working day, which is long but satisfying.

My day begins at 6.30 when I make my husband’s breakfast and he leaves just before 7 am. At that point I make my second cup of tea of the day and switch on the internet, catching up with friends and followers on facebook and twitter and letting them know my news. My difficulty here is that I cannot talk about what I am doing or the view out of the window, however much I would like to – the ever changing multi-coloured sky, the clouds skirting across my line of vision, the disappearing view on the horizon and the sea, sand and tide, forever ebbing and flowing the moment I look away. You see, very few people from home know that I’m here.DSCN0527

After about an hour of answering important email and writing a list of tasks for the day I get to ‘proper’ work at 9 am. I’m not writing creatively at the moment apart from a diary, but instead I’m proof reading, editing, amending, rewriting and deleting. I long to begin to write again but have urgent tasks ahead and am not sure that writing the next in The Riduna Series seems the task to focus on up here in Scotland. Everything from my former life seems so so far away but I’m content.

I fit in washing and other household chores around these activities as a break from concentrating on the manuscript and murder mystery set in the heart of Bedfordshire (and Jersey and Alderney.)

After a simple lunch I usually walk up to Kinghorn to to some shopping, visit a friend for a chat and on Friday’s I help at the Lunchclub. By about 3.30 pm I am back, refreshed by the exercise and social interaction and I spend a couple of hours working again then I’m back on the internet for work and pleasure before finishing my writing day at about 7 pm, in time to get supper before my husband comes home from work.

Dysart Harbour

Dysart Harbour

The days are long but we have Wednesdays off together and, if the weather is kind to us, which it has been so often, even in the depths of winter we head for the Fife coastal path. A treasured experience and one that is bringing us closer together after the last stressful few years at home in Bedfordshire. This is Dysart Harbour and the Harbourmaster’s House which is now an information centre and cafe well worth a visit. It is here I was surprised to learn that, directly over the north sea is the coast of Sweden. The home made soup there is delicious too! (and it is only a mile out of the nearby town of Kirkcaldy.)

It’s a long day, many hours spent on my own, but I know I’m so privileged to have this opportunity. It may never happen again.

(For those first visiting this sight, these are my reflections on nine months living in Fife, having taken voluntary redundancy from my role as an English and business studies tutor when my husband was relocated to Fife)


About Diana Jackson

Author of 'The Healing Paths of Fife', Historical Romantic fiction ~ The Riduna Series set in 19th and early 20th Century a murder mystery ~ 'Murder, Now and Then' and two memoir. What links my books ~ history! Website:www.dianamaryjackson.co.uk Blog:www.dianamj.wordpress.com Riduna on Twitter and on Facebook too!
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2 Responses to What on Earth do you do all day? ~ A Day in the life of a writer

  1. Pat says:

    It sounds mysterious and intriguing, Diana, to have an opportunity to explore the sights and sounds of a new country. I may have mentioned it before that visiting Scotland is on my ‘bucket list’ as my grandparents were from there and I’ve learned some interesting ancestry information. I have a century-year old book written about my great-great grandfather that I wrote a post about. It’s called, “Telling Stories – Holding Onto Memories”. If you like the link, I’ll send it.

    My day is not as structured as yours — quite random, actually. I usually do the same things you mentioned with breakfast except, afterwards, I read a little and have a breathing meditation before booting up the internet or moving onto what the day is calling for. In between, like you, I do laundry, clean or work out in the yard. I’m hoping to fit in more exercise like walking now that the rains have stopped and it looks to be warming up.

    This was fun, Diana. Have a great Monday. 🙂

  2. Hey Pat. Please do send me the link. I will be sharing lots about Scotland over the next couple of months so maybe it will inspire you to arrange that visit. Family history is fascinating 🙂

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