James Need Searches for Meaning in Life

As James Need grew up he began searching for greater meaning in life. Here’s his story:

Author James Need (‘The Commonsense Philosopher’) – A personal story of his inward journey…

Since James was a young boy he has always been deeply fascinated in wanting to understand life and who we really are at the deepest level.

James has always been what you would call a ‘big thinker’. Since a very young age he had always felt deep down that something was not quite right with the world, and as he would later learn, it was this burning desire to truly understand himself and life, that would spur him on a journey inwards into answering those big questions and mysteries in life.

James drifted through school with his mind anywhere but in his school work. He later learnt that for him the education system was only teaching him about one version of events, and that it was this structure and being incessantly told what is right and wrong, that pushed him to search for the answers himself. Throughout his mid teen years he started to become very interested in the concept of meditation, and so, he started to practice and experiment with different types of meditation and ‘raising his vibration’ on a daily basis. James now explains that it was the commitment to learning and practising meditation in his early years, that allowed him to access much higher states of mind, and that gave him an overwhelming impulse from life to start writing down his insights and anything that he learnt. And so he did, he started to write down anything he learnt whilst he was meditating and raising his vibration, and anything he learnt as he went about his daily life.

Golf played a major part in his upbringing, and later after school, he turned a professional golfer for about 4 years. During this time James new that his heart was never truly in golf, and whilst practicing and competing as a professional golfer, he was using almost all of his time learning, growing and developing his understanding of the true nature of life and reality. The more he continued to awaken from the illusion of duality to the essential oneness of everything that exists, he decided he wanted to take his writing and philosophy full time so that he could help as many people as possible to understand the nature of life and who they really are, so that they too could access much higher states of mind, and so they could access the inner peace and inner freedom that we are all craving for.

The name ‘The Commonsense Philosopher’ was born one evening when James was raising his vibration. It is intended as a pointer to the fact that James is a very simple person, which shows and expresses through his writing. James likes to write in a style that is as simple and as direct to the point as possible; this is because he doesn’t like to make things any more complicated than they have to be, and so he can help as many people as directly as possible. You could say that James really specialises in pointing to that that is beyond words, in as few words as possible.

The very essence of James’ writing is about helping people to understand the true nature of life and reality and the essential oneness of everything that exists. James also specializes in writing about who we really are and why we are here, and as he explains in his books, that we are all on the same journey and ultimately looking for the same thing; to find harmony and alignment with who we really are and the very essence of everything that exists.

James also likes to write and point towards how the present moment is the secret to finding enlightenment and harmony with who you really are. He also likes to emphasise that we are all powerful creators of reality, on a personal and collective scale, right now in each and every moment, depending on how we think, feel and interact with life.

Through his books James also likes to give people very simple techniques and to help them implement them into their daily life. This is to help people to raise their vibration on a daily basis so that they can start to access much higher states of mind, so they can feel much at home inside themselves and the world, and so they can start to become a powerful creator of their own reality and improve the quality of their life experience on all levels.

James’ first book is available for immediate ebook download via Amazon or the ibookstore for iphones and ipads. As well as many other ebook outlets such as sony, barnes and noble, baker and taylor, copia, scribd, gardners, and kobo. ‘The Truth about Life and Who You Really Are’ will also available in print form within the next 6-9 months…



James is currently working on and about to launch within the next couple of months a small range of books that take simplicity to a whole new level. The following are the names of the books that are about to be launched before the end of August;

‘How to get into Harmony with Your Desires’

‘Portals in Oneness’

‘Practicing Oneness’

‘The Secret is Here and Now’

‘What is Enlightenment?’

James very much welcomes any questions, suggestions or anyone who just generally wants a chat about how to improve the quality of their life, so please feel free to contact him on the details below.

James really wants to thank you very deeply and sincerely for following his writing and philosophy, he really hopes that it is of some value to you, and that it will help you find your true home within…

You can follow his blog via the blue link below, through which you can find all his contact details;


Love and joy to all…

Namaste J





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3 Responses to James Need Searches for Meaning in Life

  1. Pat says:

    I can identify with James, Diana. Feels like we’ve been on similar paths of discovery and exploration. 🙂

    • Yes, as soon as I read about his journey I could identify with it. Didn’t mean to post you both on the same day though. Both wonderful posts in different ways:-)

      • Pat says:

        Yes, Diana, I think there are a lot of us on similar journeys. It must be the energy and a sign of the times.

        No problem in the posting of my story. I’m grateful you liked it and found it worthy to share. I’m happy to be your guest, anytime, and hope your readers enjoy it. 🙂

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