Many Thanks for all your support & Video ‘Norman the Miracle’

Last week I donated £44 to charity on Norman’s and your behalf, the readers of The Life and Demise of Norman Campbell, to Norman’s chosen charities:

Cancer Research UK and

Kingston Upon Thames Age Concern

Norman asked for 25% of the profits from the sale of his memoir to go to these charities.

Since it is well over a year since Norman died I’d like to share a video of him with you too. It was taken via Skype and for those who have not been following Norman’s story for long, he became a silver surfer at 102 years. We tried to talk on Skype each week between actual visits while I was compiling his story and I recorded a good few of these, precious memories of him.

This one is a gem and shows what a miracle Norman was. For most of his life he enjoyed extremely good health and so he was so grateful for this, but he also had a generosity of spirit, always giving to charities aware of others who were less fortunate. He speaks of the only occasion in his life when he was seriously ill, when he was 90 years old. His charm and humour shines through as he tells his story.

Norman the Miracle.

I’d also like to finish with a link to another blog which moved my spirit today about the way we look upon life and when I heard Nelson Mandela’s daughter speaking today about his ability to forgive and his wonderful love for life and people, this seemed so appropriate. I thank Sath for this one:

Oh My Heart ~ Myth and Legend


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5 Responses to Many Thanks for all your support & Video ‘Norman the Miracle’

  1. Pat says:

    Thank you for sharing Norman with us, Diana. I loved watching him in the video — brings him back to life.

    A beautiful soul. Also, I wanted to let you know I shared your post and the link to “Oh My Soul – Myth and Legend” to a fellow blogger, Wendy McCance, over at “Searching For The Happiness”. Here’s her post where I shared you with her —

  2. He still makes me smile Pat and I almost know the words by heart now. Thanks for sharing it too

  3. He certainly did Pat and many thanks for the award! I’m honoured. I’ll reply to it after the weekend.

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