First Love ~ It only took 59 years to propose!

Following on from the post ‘Falling for an Amish Boy’ Norman too fell in love at an early age when he was still at primary school in 1920. He remembers, at age 11 years, he and May warming their hands by the fire and having a natter at lunch time:

‘I MET May when we were at school. In those days the kids used to pair you up. I don’t know why it happened. I simply got paired up with May when I was about eleven and at playtime, if it was a bit cold, we used to go into the classroom and stand around the fire, because there was a big fire in the corner.
It was all the heat we had and we used to lean on the guard and chat away. It just seemed to gel between us.

May lived across the road from me but I didn’t see her very often, although I saw her going to and coming home from school. I didn’t walk her home because I was with all the boys of course, but I just used to see her over the road playing hopscotch, or something like that, and it just went on from there.

It gelled as if that was how it should be.

On Sundays we had to go to church and if I sat behind her I used to pull her hair. We got black looks by what’shisname, the vicar, and sometimes told to keep quiet.
Then one day she said,
‘Tonight I’ll be up at the window and we can have a chat.’
The effort she must have made to get to that front window; you see, her Mum and Dad were downstairs and she must have crept through and up the stairs and she’d be out there talking to me for half an hour across the street.

My, what a girl!”

May and Norman were reunited and finally got married when they were 70 but that’s another story!


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2 Responses to First Love ~ It only took 59 years to propose!

  1. E.D. says:

    now that means there is hope for all of us.. I am 68 but feel i am way past it… btw nice story..

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