Inside The Mind of a Jewelry Designer by Alene Geed

Following is an online interview with Alene Geed.image001

Alene Geed is a writer, jewelry designer, and owner of Alene’s Adornments. Creating stunning, one of a kind, artisan jewelry is a passion for Alene, a passion that inspired her new book, “Inside the Mind of a Jewelry Designer.”

This is quite different to the posts so far on this ‘Selection of Recollections’ blog but it certainly has a message for us all about searching out for something in life that we are passionate about. In Alene’s case a hobby or mild interest turned into her life’s work. After the interview Alene tells you in more detail about her book of her journey into creativity. (Read’ jewellery’ in the UK)

Hi Alene. Thank you for agreeing to share your thoughts with us on this blog to talk about your journey to creativity.

1. Was it a light bulb moment or a slow realisation? Was it a huge turning point in your life or did you drift in that direction?

Looking back on my journey through today, I can see that it has been a continuous evolution towards the passion I now experience. However, there was a light bulb moment that happened.

2. Can you tell us briefly what happened?
I was admiring a necklace that a coworker had made, based upon an existing design that she loved. All of a sudden I KNEW I wanted to rummage through the cache of beads I had kept (from a brief time when I did some stringing). I spent that evening scouring my current collection and then next few weeks visiting bead stores to find what I wanted. From that point my passion would not be silenced. Ultimately I found metal work; fell in love and never looked back!

3. How does being creative make you feel as a person? Did it change your
Being creative is a non‐stop passion for my designs. My energy level has soared. I eat, breathe, and sleep design. My mind will not stop coming up with new ideas. I live much more often ‘in the moment’.

4. Is there a message that you’d like to give readers?
Spend time thinking about what really excites you; follow the thread of excitement and see what happens. Living a life of passion is SO WORTH the risk!

Inspiration, Passion and The Journey to Your Creative Self

Inside the Mind of a Jewelry Designer studies the compelling question, ‘What is creativity?’ It is an absorbing and personal look at the burgeoning career of jewelry designer, Alene Geed.

The reader gains insight into Alene’s process with 10 collections of over 100 pieces and it features a 20% off coupon for a jewelry purchase from http://www.alenesadornments.

Any artist will likely tell you that they have no choice in creating their art, no matter the medium. They simply must. Creating art is not a choice like other careers; it is a ‘calling’ that dominates our waking moments and sometimes our sleep – it’s an obsession. Since becoming a jewelry designer and experiencing for myself the complete joy and passion that it provides me, I have become fascinated with creativity and exploring inside the mind of a jewelry designer. And so, this book, yet another creative endeavor, was born. I’ve discovered that the creative process that it takes to design a piece of jewelry is much the same as the process that it takes to design a life of purpose – the life that I’ve created due, in large part, to what I’ve learned in the creative process. I want to share my journey with you and give you the opportunity to experience this same joy and the absolute euphoria of living your passion.

Inside the Mind of a Jewelry Designer reveals the strategic steps the reader can take to discover their passion and begin their own creative journey, including:

~ Appreciating and celebrating the creative personality

~ Creating a passionate life

~ Increasing the innate powers of observation

~ Examining the source of inspiration

~ Developing perspective that extends far beyond a career

~ Learning strategies for personal growth

~ Mastering the steps necessary to begin a creative journey

I have to admit, when I first saw the cover to this book, I wasn’t expecting to get a whole lot out of it. I guess that just goes to show you that you should never judge a book by its cover, because this is a true gem of a book. It’s full of insight into the artists thought and design processes. What makes us different, what makes us tick and what drives us to create. I’m so glad to have found ‘Inside The Mind of A Jewelry Designer‘ because it is a reminder to me of the fulfillment I get by making jewelry. Open it up, take a peek and you’ll know what I’m talking about. You won’t be disappointed. I promise.”

~Harold Studio

“This is a MUST READ if you are at a stage in life where you are questioning why you are here, as I have often questioned. If you are someone who has already discovered your ‘passion,’ this book will enhance your experience. I also enjoyed the information about the different gems. I have several gem books (all good) …. but none give the exact information that I was really interested in, like this book does. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book, to enhance jewelry knowledge and/or to perfect or connect yourself to your personal passion.”

~ Melanie

“When I saw the title, I expected a read that focused only on the creative process of the author’s jewelry line, but there was much more to it than that. This book is a complicated and revealing look at the author’s life journey which led her to becoming a jewelry designer at the peak of her conventional career, and an honest sharing of the life processes many of us experience on our own growth journeys… I am grateful for the privilege of reading about this very personal side of Alene Geed. Her revelations are inspiring to anyone, especially those of us who are creating a new life in mid-years. I especially enjoyed her descriptions of how her collections came to be named. A lovely read!”

~ Biz Communicator

Available for Kindle UK and Kindle dot com and Nook; and print version (Amazon)

(480) 510-9422


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  2. Calla Gold says:

    This seems to be more helpful a book than one might at first assume. Diana thanks for asking the questions you did. Jewelers need to read more books by jewelers. It should start a really nice conversation toward inspiration!

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